Starting with epoch of high internet speeds, the computing industry changed the way we see the internet. It is a very dynamic environment, with unlimited capabilities and available content. Whilst lots of people took advantage of the high speed internet connectivity, even more people are still isolated from the digital world, as they still require a physical medium to transmit data. Internet providers tried to extend to remote places, but often, due to infrastructure costs, they managed only to reach the suburbs. Hence, people living in the mountains can access the internet only through means of telephony lines - land lines, or mobile networks.

After some time the broadband entered the cities, the satellite technology became accessible enough to enhance remote individuals connect through the internet directly through a satellite connection. The time showed it as an important milestone in covering areas with high internet speeds, where otherwise, people could connect only through dialup. Moreover, it enhanced these isolated places being connected all the time to the internet, without requiring connecting and disconnecting to save the line time.

Today the satellite internet still has to catch up, but it seems that it is recovering the gap splitting it from the satellite television coverage. The remote village people are not unfamiliar to the satellite communication - as it was before one of the very few communication means, but for very high costs.

The only difference compared to the urban connections is the technology that is used.

The satellite connection enables people to access dynamic contents and they don't have to wait long times in front of the displays for pages to load; they can also enjoy multimedia experiences as movies and music, through a reliable connection and without the risk of service interruption during the rush hours.

More, downloading content is extremely fast. The users can download content in very short intervals, even 100 times faster than through dial-up. The downloaded content can be computer automatic updates, music, movies, or graphics. Also, the electronic correspondence is much more easier and faster, or uploading contents to the personal sites and to the social networks.

Let’s not forget that usually the satellite providers are offering spam and antivirus protection, or applications to help users protect their privacy during the electronic transactions. For a simple flat rate and installment of the satellite transceiver, the village users can take benefit of the broadband internet connectivity through means of satellite communication.